Sunday, 18 March 2012

[Album] Utada Hikaru - Heart Station

New full-length album from Hikaru Utada includes the advanced singles "Flavor of Life," "Beautiful World," "Kiss & Cry," "Heart Station," "Stay Gold," "Boku wa Kuma," and more! *Note: the abrubt ending of track 10 of this release is not due to an error but due to the intention of the artist herself as noted on Hikaru Utada's official website.

1. Fight The Blues FIGHT THE BLUES
3. Beautiful World BEAUTIFUL WORLD
4. Flavor Of Life-Ballad Version- FLAVOR OF LIFE-BALLAD VERSION-
5. Stay Gold STAY GOLD
6. Kiss & Cry KISS & CRY
7. Gentle Beast Interlude GENTLE BEAST INTERLUDE
8. Celebrate CELEBRATE
9. Prisoner Of Love PRISONER OF LOVE
10. テイク5 Take 5
11. ぼくはくま Boku wa Kuma
12. 虹色バス Niji Iro Bus
13. Flavor Of Life FLAVOR OF LIFE 

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